Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a committee of the Board of Directors to which the Board has delegated its responsibilities for the oversight of the nature and scope of the annual audit, the oversight of management's reporting on internal accounting standards and practices, the review of financial information, accounting systems and procedures, financial reporting and financial statements and has charged the Committee with the responsibility of recommending, for approval of the Board, the audited financial statements, interim financial statements and other mandatory disclosure releases containing financial information.

The primary objectives of the Committee are as follows:

  1. To assist directors in meeting their responsibilities (especially for accountability) in respect of the preparation and disclosure of financial statements of CWC and related matters;
  2. To provide better communication between directors and external auditors;
  3. To enhance the external auditor's independence;
  4. To increase the credibility and objectivity of financial reports; and
  5. To strengthen the role of the outside directors by facilitating in-depth discussions between directors on the Committee, management and external auditors.

The Committee is comprised of three financially literate directors of which the majority are independent.

Audit Committee Members

  • Gary Bentham - Chairman
  • Wade McGowan
  • Duncan Au

Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee

The purpose of the Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibility by reviewing matters relating to the human resources policies and compensation of the directors, officers and employees of CWC in the context of the budget and business plan of CWC.  The Committee is also delegated with the responsibility for developing the approach of CWC to matters concerning corporate governance and, from time to time, shall review and make recommendations to the Board as to such matters.

The Committee is comprised of three directors of which the majority are independent.

Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee Members

  • Wade McGowan - Chairman
  • Gary Bentham
  • Dean Schultz