Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

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CWC is involved and committed to safety excellence and the protection of the environment in every area of operations. CWC will operate in a manner that minimizes adverse effects to the environment and ensures the safety and health of its employees, contractors and the public.

In support of this policy, CWC shall:

  • Ensure that practical safety, health and environmental programs are in place for all employees and contractors;
  • Monitor activities to ensure operations are conducted in compliance with applicable laws and CWC's standards;
  • Maintain documented emergency response procedures that allow personnel to respond promptly and effectively to foreseeable emergencies;
  • Maintain training programs that ensure employees receive appropriate training relative to their job functions;
  • Consider good safety performance in the process of selecting contractors, suppliers or other services; and
  • Report and investigate all accidents, serious incidents and environmental concerns.

It is the responsibility of all personnel working under the direction of CWC to be familiar with the contents of the Safety Program Manual and to comply with the regulations, policies and procedures therein.

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